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event dates 2018
08. - 10. Januar
  Wine Professional in Amsterdam (trade visitors only)
17. March

  Culinary wine presentation
(reservation required)
25. March
  Tasting our wines (free)
14. - 17. February
  BIOFACH in Nürnberg (trade visitors only)
22. April
  BioOst in Berlin, Messegelände, (trade visitors only)
29. April
  BioWest in Düsseldorf, Messegelände (trade visitors only)
13. + 14. Mai

  BIO-DYN 501 in München (trade visitors only)
The Trade for biodynamic top wines! >> Info

02. July
  New Talents Tasting in Amsterdam (trade visitors only)
24. - 26. August
  "Tage der Offenen Weinkeller" in Siefersheim
09. September
  BioNord in Hannover, Messegelände, (trade visitors only)
23. September
  BioSüd in Augsburg, Messegelände, (trade visitors only)
30. September
  Bänkelcheswanderung, tavern open
14. Oktober
  Autumn Market
03. November

  Culinary wine presentation
(reservation required)
16. Dezember   Tasting our wines (free)

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